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Shenzhen Kexin Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

       Shenzhen Kexin Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing silicone rubber electric heating products, oil drum heaters, pipeline heaters, moisture-proof heating plates for cabinets, silicone heaters, silicone electric heating film, PET electric heating film, metal electric heating film, insole Electric heating film, electric heating gloves, ceramic electric heating tube, and other electric heating products. A variety of special-shaped silicone rubber products, insulation and thermal conductive silicone, silicone products, photovoltaic film and other products, with an independent research and development team and rich production experience.

       According to the customer's product requirements, we can customize the best products. The electric heating product has the advantages of good waterproof performance, fast heating speed, long temperature resistance time and beautiful appearance. It can be used for auxiliary heating of human massagers, air conditioner compressors, motors, submersible pumps, etc., as well as pipes for industrial equipment, tanks, towers, tanks for heating, mixing and constant temperature, and directly wrapped or pasted in heated parts during use. The surface can be used, or it can be processed and laminated with aluminum plate, which is convenient and easy to operate, has long safety and long life, and is not easy to age. The reasonable price, quality assurance, and customer-oriented business philosophy have enabled our company to quickly occupy the same industry market in a short period of time. If the quality does not match the sample, we will pay full responsibility. With excellent technology and perfect after-sales service, we have won the praise of our customers.





Corporate culture concept system

Core value

Quality assurance, value creation, honest management, cooperation and win-win

Quality Assurance: Continuously improve product quality and productivity, providing competitive electromagnetic heaters and energy-saving solutions.

Value creation: always pursue innovation, challenge yourself and create great value.

Integrity management: honest and trustworthy, mutual respect, mutual benefit, common development, healthy and harmonious, clean and self-discipline.

Win-win cooperation: Maintain long-term strategic partnership with customers and suppliers to achieve a win-win situation for customers, companies and suppliers.

Kexin Mission

Promote the spirit of industry, pursue high quality, professional energy-saving services, and create a beautiful environment.

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